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Our Story

About the Company

We're a growing startup with a plan to disrupt the functional drinks market by launching a new value-led class of beverages specifically developed to support work, play, and celebration.

We believe we're unique in what we do and our long term aim is to provide a growing range of products that help make a positive difference in peoples day-to-day lives. We will extend the scope of our products and promote overall health and wellbeing using ingredients that help support your body's natural activation and recovery processes - not mask symptoms with a temporary spike and crash.

About the founder

Hi! I work hard during the week, enjoy mountain biking and family time at weekends. I also enjoy sharing a few beers at the weekend with friends. A normal guy then.

mountain biking wales with mates

Thats me in the middle with biking mates

Before embarking on this exciting startup I was employed by a global software company as a senior business consultant. That would take me away from home most of the week and at weekends I would do my best to juggle family life, socialising, and trying to maintain some level of physical fitness. It was a 'the law' that most Friday nights were reserved as nights out with the boys to unwind and drink more beers than is usually recommended. That would inevitably lead to:

Problem #1: Hangovers, poor sleep. 

Anyone that knows me will know I've never been good at dealing with hangovers and I always seemed to suffer more than my friends. But I'm not 21 anymore and can't afford to spend the next day in bed or let that interfere with family life at the  precious weekend. 

We believe in working hard to achieve your dreams and we also believe in celebration and having fun...

Although having what would be considered a good job, the reality of that lifestyle meant lots of travel, long days and nights, demanding customers, endless meetings and unachievable deadlines. Breaks would be missed, meals would be late, and the stress of tasks piling up would lead to:

Problem #2: Feeling hangry*, tired, fatigued, unable to focus properly on the task at hand (* very irritable as a result of hunger).

I'd rely on having coffee throughout the day to provide temporary focus I needed to get to the next task. Every meeting would be accompanied with a freshly brewed coffee.

...we also believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice tomorrow so you can enjoy today...

By the time the weekend arrived, I'd be feeling drained and fatigued. The last thing on my mind was exercise, though I enjoyed mountain biking I would usually talk myself out of it by Sunday. If I'd had a drink saturday night then there was no way I would set the alarm and feel good enough to do 20 miles of tough biking. I didn't have the energy or mental focus to work out, even though a workout is exactly what I needed.


Problem #3: Low energy, reduced immunity, weakness, generally unfit and unhealthy.

That was 3 years ago when I took the decision to quit my job, spend more time with a growing family, and take charge of my life. I had no desire to watch my kids grow up through an app while sat alone in a distant hotel room. 

So where is all this heading..?          

It wasn't until attending a Tony Robbins UPW London event did I decide to take massive action. After months of research, I partnered a multiple award-winning recipe development lab with specific objectives of addressing the unwanted side-effects of excess celebration.

I then applied the same model to help people get the most from body and mind. With this exciting new company we're planning to be a disrupting influence in the energy drinks and soft drinks market by offering a new value-led class of functional drinks.

...so we set out to reset the balance and provide drinks that support your body and mind when they need it most, allowing you to perform at your best and recover faster. 

We're now able to offer a new class of functional beverages developed specifically for work, play and celebration. This starts with Antidote RENEW, a new type of recovery drink that reinforces your body's own recovery processes when sleeping so you can achieve more tomorrow - best served after a night out or a long day. And we also have Fuel ACTIVE INFUSION - a productivity drink with an enhanced formulation that's designed to perform here and now.

We will continue our science-based and practical research, and extend our product range with new beverages that target other areas that effect our lives.

Work Hard to achieve your dreams. Play Hard. And make sure you Celebrate!