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What We Do


We only sell drinks that work for ourselves. You can never truly master a solution until you experience and fully understand the problem.

Some of us lead demanding lifestyles. We pack more into a week than most people achieve in a month. That can take its toll on your body and mind. Over time this can result in poor sleep, fatigue, hangovers, general tiredness, poor focus & attention, low energy, reduced immunity, weakness, generally feeling worn down. We've been there, so we set out to solve our own problems.



We're constantly told what we should and shouldn't be eating. We already know that too much of anything is bad and we're becoming smarter about what we consume and how we consume it.

We keep our ears and mind open and listen to what's going on in the world, and we treat corporate-sponsored studies with caution. We consider all facts and opinion and then decide for ourselves what's right.



We deliver innovative drinks to the world’s most demanding consumers, if you're reading this then that's likely to be you!

Antidotefuel drinks have found to be effective in workout recovery, jet lag, reducing nausea & controlling unwanted effects of celebration. 

We have also had very positive feedback in areas we had not previously been aware of, one of ours customers has found that Antidotefuel helps relieve symptoms of Crohns disease, while another drinks Antidotefuel as it helps them with their ongoing liver issues.



We have not one but three UVP's (unique value propositions) that truly makes us different from anyone else.

1. We're the only drinks brand that develops drinks designed to complement  each other for both productivity & recovery. 

2. We're the only drinks brand that provides support for body & mind through Work, Workout, AND Celebration

3. Our drinks support overnight recovery that reinforces the body’s natural renewal process through its natural rest cycle while sleeping. Whether you've had a long day & feeling fatigued, or had a big night out, Antidotefuel Renew has proven to be effective.

We promote overall health and wellbeing using ingredients that reinforce your body’s natural activation and recovery processes, not mask unwanted symptoms with stimulants that give you a short-lived rush followed by a crash.

 We only sell drinks that work for ourselves, so we're confident they can work for you. 



We're so confident that you'll have more time to do more of what you enjoy, and feel better while doing it, that if you don't love it we'll take it back.

We're 100% committed to providing you our best products with premium ingredients that actually work, and we stand by our products that are all tried and tested on ourselves first.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we'll refund your first order, excluding shipping and handling.