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About Us

Our Story

What started out as an idea to solve some of our own problems has evolved into a company that develops a range of unique wellness drinks specifically to support active people in Work, Play, AND Celebration.

We are unique in the market, & promote overall health and wellbeing using ingredients that help support and reinforce your body’s natural activation and recovery processes – not mask unwanted symptoms with high amounts of stimulants that give you a short-lived rush followed by a crash.

Since our soft launch feedback has been amazing - Antidotefuel drinks have found to be effective in anything from workout recovery, to jet lag, to reducing nausea & controlling unwanted effects of celebration. 

We have also had very positive feedback in areas we had not previously been aware of, for example very positive from someone whom drinks Antidotefuel as she said that it helps relives symptoms from Crohns disease, and another whom drinks to help with ongoing liver issues.

We have found Fuel Active Infusion is especially effective during & after exercise, & before & during celebration as it helps charge the liver with defence against the build-up of toxins. Antidote Renew is designed to support overnight recovery during your natural rest cycle or whenever you need a lift but without stimulants.

We believe we're unique in what we do and our long term aim is to provide a growing range of products that help make a positive difference in peoples day-to-day lives. We will extend the scope of our products and promote overall health and wellbeing using ingredients that help support your body's natural activation and recovery processes - not mask symptoms with a temporary spike and crash.

About the founder

Before launching this new business, I spent 20 years consulting & delivering innovative business solutions for some of the world’s best companies. That resulted in a demanding lifestyle that would take me away from home during the week and at weekends I would do my best to juggle family life, socialising, and trying to maintain some level of physical fitness. I would burn the candle at both ends with varying degrees of success.                      

That lifestyle also came with several problems that are now helping to be solved by Antidotefuel, such as; Poor sleep, fatigue, hangovers, tiredness, poor focus & attention, low energy, reduced immunity, weakness, generally feeling unfit & unhealthy.

mountain biking wales with mates

Thats me in the middle with biking mates

I had an idea, well a few ideas actually, but it wasn't until after a Tony Robbins seminar that I got hold of this one & took massive action. Now I'm on another journey to deliver innovative solutions to the world’s most demanding consumers.              

 I sought out & partnered with a multiple award-winning recipe development lab & after months of research, we came up with two products for productivity & recovery that uses a combination of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, botanicals & nootropic ingredients.    

 With this exciting new company, we're planning to be a disrupting influence within the functional drinks market supported by our innovative product development & building on our unique value propositions.