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Red & Processed Meat Won't Kill You, Will It?

Red & Processed Meat Won't Kill You, Will It?

So the latest evidence suggests that red & processed meat isn’t that bad for you after all. This article in the BBC News is the latest contraversial study that offers conflicting expert opinion. At first glance that’s shock news. But the simple fact is that too much of anything will kill you.

Our mantra is Work hard, Play hard, and Celebrate. We don't take life too seriously; we do what we want to and not always what we’re told to. We already know that too much of anything is bad, and life demands balance.

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Work hard, but never too hard.

Never sacrifice your health or your family to spend more time in the office. While you think you’re doing it for those you love, the reality is there will be less of yourself to give. Find another way.

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Play hard, but never too hard.

Push your limits but know your limits first, a turtle will never learn to jump through fire. 2mm is all the difference between winning or losing, so keep pushing for 2mm until you reach 1m. If you push for 1m straight away you'll put yourself in hospital.

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We enjoy a few drinks with friends at the end of the week, but we don’t go crazy (often). Everyone loves to celebrate and we all have different limits when it comes to drink. Sometimes your friends like to explore your limits, but always know when you’re done. Don’t sacrifice tomorrow, your dignity, or your health.

Don’t be conditioned by ever-changing opinion. Keep your mind open, treat corporate-sponsored studies with caution, and always make up your own mind.



  • Andy Hunter
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